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Hypnosis is well known for helping people break habits. This is easy when you have been properly trained in  using hypnosis for habit control. It is also important that you understand the root cause of a problem. When you make the decision to schedule an appointment with a hypnotherapist for nail biting, there is always the possibility that you might decide to learn hypnotherapy yourself.

There are many hypnotists out there who learn how to hypnotize someone then they do not know what to do once they get the person into hypnosis. Often those who have just learned hypnosis to only offer their clients hypnotic suggestions. In fact they may just read them from a sheet that was given to them by their instructor. Don’t get me wrong, suggestions can be effective, but when that is all that is used you are not servicing your client well.

Suggestions are much more effective when combined with interactive hypnotherapy, because then you are tapping into the subconscious mind of the client. After discovering the root cause in the subconscious mind, then the suggestions that follow are more targeted and provide a more positive outcome for the client.

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