Hypnotherapy Certification can vary depending on the class, instructor and the certifying organization. Be sure to explore all the details before you enroll, know what you are getting into.
Hypnotherapy Certification

Some people think you are certified or you are not certified, but there are different types of certifications that typically require a different number of hours of training. There is no universal standard when it comes to hypnotherapy certification, so one certifying organization may have their requirements that are different than another, even for a certification of the same name.

Before getting into a discussion of the different types of hypnotherapy certification, I’d like to let you know about a resource that includes many of the answers people have about hypnotherapy certification and training. When you visit Good Vibes Hypnosis Training you will find a variety of different articles that discuss topics such as Obtaining a Hypnotherapy Certification, How a Hypnosis Certification Helps and Choosing the Right Hypnotherapy Training Course.

The requirements have changed over the years, but one of the more basic certifications is the Master Hypnotist certification. At one time a 2 day class was all that was required to become a Master Hypnotist. To someone without this knowledge it might sound like an impressive certification, though 2 days or even 50 hours of training is minimal when it comes to hypnosis training.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some Master Hypnotists who are very good, in fact one of my teachers is a Master Hypnotist, but he also has over 30 years of experience behind him, and the fact is you do continue to learn with each and every client you see. Many people continue with additional training after their initial training as well.

Other Hypnotherapy Certification designations include Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. These certifications, like the Master Hypnotist certification, require a different number of hours depending on the certification organization.

The International Association of Counselors and Therapists requires 220 hours of training to become a Certified Hypnotherapist, 110 of those hours must be in the classroom. The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners offers the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification and requires a minimum of 300 classroom hours to qualify for that certification.

It is important to get enough training to be able to help people and the important thing to understand is that once you start working with clients, you will continue to learn. Working with clients is like going to graduate school, and many hypnotists decide to continue with advanced training, often in some specialty they feel drawn to learn more about. It is advised that you get your Hypnotherapy Certification as the first step towards establishing yourself as a professional hypnotherapist.

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Dallas offers training that leads to certification as a Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists as well as additional advanced training for those who are already certified. The Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to start seeing clients, in fact some students begin working with friends and family after Level I, then begin to work with clients after completing Level II.

This Dallas Hypnotherapy Certification Training is presented by Good Vibes Hypnosis Center which is not licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Good Vibes Hypnosis Center has received an exemption from TWC, E-4434, and is allowed to teach this class in specific locations in the state of Texas.

This course covers Beginning and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.

Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Schedule

This Ten-Day Hypnotherapy Training for Certification in Dallas is Divided Into 2 Five-Day Levels

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